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Tuesday Tips and Tricks: DIY Copic Storage

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Good Morning iCopic Lovers! It's Sheri here and today I wanted to share with you my new method of storing my ever growing Copic collection. 
I had outgrown this:
Pampered Chef Roundabout
So, after searching and searching the Internet for inspiration, I came up with this and it could not have been any easier to make! In my craft room, I have a large variety of Black and White boxes for storing all of my craft supplies.

All I needed was a trip to my local home improvement store to pick up a length of Vinyl Rain Gutter Downspout.  The nice man at the store cut it in half so that I could fit it into my car.

Vinyl Rain Gutter Down Spout

When I got it home, it was just a matter of finding the right size pieces to cut the vinyl downspout into...and what to cut it with. I ended up using a Dremel and cut them to a length of 5 inches each, although you could certainly use a Utility Saw or Hack Saw. Cutting the vinyl is very easy...but messy. The entire process took less than 20 minutes and the thing that I love most about my new storage system is it's ability to grow. With each section comfortably holding 25 Copic Sketch Markers, the only thing that limits the amount of storage ability is the size of box that you choose.   
Thank you so much for letting me share my new Copic storage system with you today. 


thanks for this great idea! i'm looking for something to store my copics too!

This is very cool! I'm currently re-thinking my Copic storage and I will definitely have this on my list of ideas. =)

That is one of the most clever ideas for storage that I've heard. Great idea!

I super love this idea. Thanks for sharing it.

Beautiful card! Love love your copic storage solution - fabulous idea

Brilliant storage idea, very inventive!

** Kate **

Good idea :) I like how inexpensive and you could easily add some handles to take it to a friends house! The sorting issue solved too :) TFS

Great idea! Thank you for sharing your storage tip! Who can't use an improved way to store Copics! LOL!

awesome idea. thanks for the info

Love your storage idea,could not wait to try it,spent the day going and buying gutter,and finding the size box i wanted,got it all together and loved it.Guess what so did my daughter,who also has a to many copics for her container.So we started over and made her one.We both thank you for sharing.

Great copic storage idea! Thanks for sharing!!!
Trish Munro

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