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Life Happens - Let's Texturize!

Hello all you Copic Lovers!  Marie here and I wanted to share two texturizing techniques today.  I am using this adorable stamp called Get Well Toby by Wild Rose Studio  I think this little guy is just so cute, and it is the perfect stamp to practice adding texture to your images.  

In the post iCopic Lover: Just For You I texturized Toby by using a "tapping" method with my Copic Alcohol Ink Markers.   Let me show you two other ways to texturize!

Color your focal image as you would normally.  Do not over blend.  You do not want to over blend.  You want to keep the texture.

 Apply rubbing alcohol to a small piece of wash cloth.  You can also apply Copic Colorless Blender Refill to the cloth and lightly dab the part of the image you want to texturize. Be very careful not to oversaturate your cloth because Colorless Blender is a "mover".  Contrary to it's name, the Colorless Blender is NOT a blender, but it moves ink from one location to another.  

If you get over zealous, your ink will run outside our lines.  Yes, it is the voice of experience talking here!   Dab the cloth lightly and you will be fine.  When you do this, stay away front he edges of you image to avoid the color from running outside your lines.  Try this with different types of fabric.   You will get a different look.  How about an old pair of jeans!   

The second method is to tap or  touch the tip of your Copic Colorless Blender Pen to your image you want to texturize.  Remember that the color will become lighter when it dries.  You can always go back and texturize the image again later if you want a more dramatic effect.  

 This is how Toby looks after I added texture.   In this particular example, I used the alcohol directly to a small piece of wash cloth.   You can see that it gives a more natural appearance to the fur.     

I lightly shaded the bandages with C3 and C0.  I shaded a little heavier than I would usually for coloring white.   As a nurse, I rarely see a bandage that stays "white" for 5 minutes after it's application.... so - need I say more!

I lightly shaded around the image with BG0000 and placed a few light dots of E000 and R20 and then blended again with  BG0000.  I grounded Toby with W3 .   

Thank you for taking time to stop by.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on adding texture and please come back soon.  Don't forget to check out iCopic Lover Blog tomorrow for our Saturday Spotlight.



Adorable. Love the colors you used and the dirty bandages are a hoot.

Adorable card and image! your coloring is beautiful. I love the texture. Thank you for sharing your technique.

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