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Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Reds Revisted

Hi everyone!! Samantha here bringing you another Tuesday Tips and Tricks segment.

So last week I talked about snow, surely something you will be coloring a lot of in the coming months. Since Christmas is on its way, I thought I would spend some time talking about another color that you may be using soon. . . RED!

I'm talking Santa's, Christmas ornaments, Holly berries, Reindeer noses, etc!

For me, reds are difficult to blend. I talked about some tips for blending reds in previous posts here and here. Today, I want to talk about good Red color combos to use. Finding a good combo to use to create deeper reds. There is R46, R59, and basically no other colors around them. 

Generally when shading, we use colors that are about the same number, for instance, R24, R27, and R29 make a great set of shading colors. Well to create darker reds, we've got to improvise and really think outside the Copic number system.

Below, I have used one of my favorite shading sets to create deeper shaded reds on this little Santa:

I used R29, R46, and R59 all together. I started really light and added the darker colors slowly.

It is much easier to add more color than to try to take color away! This little tip is especially true with reds because they are hard to blend out.
  • Here is the complete list of colors I used on this Santa image:
    • E000, E00, E01, E02, E21, R29, R46, R59, C0, C7, and Y38 

Here are some other deeper red combos to try out:
  • R27, R29, and R37.
  • R29, R37, and R46.
  • R35, R37, and R59.
What is your trick for shading with deeper reds??  Please share in the comments section below!

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