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Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Snow

Hello everyone!  Samantha here with this week's Tuesday Tips and Tricks segment.

With winter holidays coming up, I wanted to start talking a bit about some winter themed techniques and such. Today, I am here to talk to you about SNOW! Snow is one of those "white" objects that can be colored with many different color combinations.

Here are some color combos that I would recommend for you to test out:

  • B0000, B000, B00 (for a blueish-icy colored snowman)
  • BG0000, BG000 (for blueish-icy colored snowman)
  • E0000, E000, E40 (for a more rustic type snowman)
 Get creative and try different color combos until you are happy with your results.

Here are some snowmen examples with some additional color combos:

For this snowman I used: W1 and W0 to color in the snowman. I wanted to use warm tones to color him in rather than cool tones, because all of the brown I was going to be using. If I had colored him in with B's he would look pretty funky.

For this snowman, I used the following colors: B000, B21, B23, B41, B45
I did a faux watercolor stipple technique on him to give the snow some texture.

On this snowman, I used BG70 and blended it out a lot using the colorless blender.

Coloring snow, or anything white for that matter, can be a little challenging so practice a little and see what you can create.

What are your favorite snow color combos? Please share them in the comments section below. We would love to hear about them!

Scrapmaster's Paradise


Thanks for the tip. I love the faux watercolor stipple to try that.

These are wonderful Samantha! Love your hints about coloring white and especially snow for this time of year!! Gorgeous!

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