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Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Strategic Buying

Hey everyone! Samantha here, and Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tips and Tricks segment.

I get asked A LOT about buying Copics. It is overwhelming because many of us are on a tight budget and there are soooo many markers to choose from. It is hard to narrow your wish list down because, let's face it, we want them ALL!! LOL And then it is hard to keep track of the colors you already purchased.

For a list of where to begin, click here for a previous Tuesday Tips and Tricks segment on the subject.

Well to start building your collection, my best piece of advice is to purchase in TWOS or THREES. Look at the Colorable Color Chart PDF (this is the updated chart in the sidebar) and decide which colors you would like. Then purchase the colors in the color family (meaning the same letter, and first digit).

You NEED to print that chart! It will help you keep track of what colors you have. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Print out the chart on whatever paper you like to use with your Copics (I prefer the XpressIt blending cardstock it is fabulous!). 
  2. Fill in the boxes for whatever colors you already own.
  3. As you purchase new colors, fill in the boxes for those colors.
  4. Keep your chart handy! It is an easy reference when coloring. You can see what the colors look like and use what you have. 
I keep my chart handy when coloring and when purchasing new colors. It is easy to see what colors are missing from the chart.

Here are some of my favorite "groups". Of these series, you can pick 2 of the colors and still get some really nice shading:
  • V12, V15, AND V17
  • R32, R35, AND R37
  • YR30 AND YR31
  • Y000, Y00, Y02
  • BG11, BG 13, AND BG15
You can't go wrong with whatever colors you choose! Just start small and before you know it, you will have a huge collection!


I just have to say, that colorable chart is the BEST! It makes it so easy to see where the holes are in my collection so I know what to buy when the shopping bug hits! =) Also I love that I can see at a glance what marker styles each color is available in, because I prefer to buy Ciaos when I can. I keep one chart at my craft desk for reference while coloring, and a separate chart at my computer, since I do all my Copic buying online.

Some really great tips to share...I also have made myself some mini cards with combos I really like to use so I know the colors for the next time.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this, Samantha, it's a really great list. I'm really starting to get into color families!

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