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Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Part 1

 Hello everyone!

EDITED TO ADD: I am still having issues with Youtube not uploading my video, so I will postpone my video and save it for another day whenever I get it working.

I have had some technical difficulties getting my video ready to go for today's segments, so I am going to extend Tuesday Tips and Tricks into two parts.  Part 1 is below.

I want to talk to you today about Airbrush masking! This is one of my absolute favorite techniques!! And the truth is, it is really easy to do!! All you need is some Copics and an airbrush system.

If you are like me and have tons of Copic Ciao markers, never fear, you can still airbrush with the copic system with an easy fix. Click here to watch my video on how I "converted" my airbrush system to use it with my Copic Ciao markers.

The basic idea is, take a shape made out of paper or something thin (a die cut shape or a masking template that you buy pre-made, some are plastic) and that serves as your MASK. Then, attach it temporarily to your project, and airbrush around it.

When you remove the mask, then the shape area still shows up because the ink is only around where the shape had been! My video for Part 2 is going to show you some tips for easy masking and an advanced masking technique.

On the following two projects, I used a basic masking technique.

For the layout above, my "mask" was some star shapes. I just attached them and then airbrushed around the masks with various rainbow colors: Y38, YR68, RV55, R27, BG45, and V25. Complete layout details are here.

On the card above, the "mask" was a die cut sentiment. I attached it and airbrushed with B24. Complete card details are here.

You can get really creative and do all sorts of things with masking! It is just such a fun technique!!


Very cool! Wish I had one :)
Love n hugs,

Sami, this turned out beautifully! Wonderful job and great inspiration for all of us.

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