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Summer Fun Card

Hello everyone! This is Wanda and I am honored to be starting my term on the iCopic team. Today's card is my first official iCopic DT card. I hope you like it. I am putting the card pictures first and then I am posting A LOT of pictures of the coloring process if you want to check that part out too. Thank you for coming by to see me. Have a great day! Aloha!


She is so dang cute! I put some pink rhinestones in the center of the flowers in her hair. I used some punches to add a flower and leaves to the sentiment. I seemed kind of plain without it. The paper is from the AC Cardstock "tropical" collection - which I use often.  



I am new to these Anya images and I have three so far. They are really fun to color and there is one for every occasion. The other two I have are a Geisha and a Mermaid. I'm enjoying trying some new images!


Here are the coloring process pictures. I hope this will help out! If you have questions, or if there's something you want me to demo in the future, please leave a comment or send me an email! Start by coloring in with your first color. I chose the medium shade of what I was coloring.

Add some darker low lights in the center...


The go back and blend over the entire image with your lightest color. This will melt all the colors together. You can also go back and add more dark if you want - adjusting to your taste and style.

For faces, I like E000, E00 and RV 10. Again...blend with your lightest color...

For her grass skirt, I started by making strokes to mimic what I thought a grass skirt would "feel" like. Then I went back and blended in the lighter colors.



The hair is the most difficult part! I'm still practicing this and trying to get better every time I color. I started with a nice medium golden yellow. The reason the hair looks shiny at the end is because I left white space to show the light hitting her head.


Here's the end result!

Thanks for stopping by! Linda will be posting a great project tomorrow for you all.


Oh wow, she is absolutely beautiful! Your coloring is spectacular. Thanks so much for the breakdown, I found it so helpful! Perfect timing, too. It helped me finish out my latest Copic order!

What a beautiful card. I am just learning to use Copics and your tutorial helped me so much. I especially love the colors you used. I need more greens and these are perfect.:)
Where can we find the Anya images? I love the hula girl, but I also love mermaids. :) Thanks.

Wanda, great first post! Your tutorial for coloring is clear and easy to follow. I am sure it will help others in their coloring. I love your card. She is too cute!
Great job! LC

@Wanda - I love the color you choose and the highlight on Anya hair is perfect.

@MyNeed2Craft - You can find the Hula Anya here.



Awesome :)

Can't wait for the NEW colors to come out soon! :)

Oh pretty please, what are the silver things on your flowers and where did you get them?
Awesome tutorial! Love the post it notes next to the pix to help!
Rene :D

Ha ha, just went back and saw they are pink rhinestones! They look a little silver on my screen (guess I need to adjust it!)
Can't wait to see what Linda has for us!

Thanks for the tutorial Wanda, such a cute card.

What a beautiful card!! This tutorial is quite possibly the best I have seen put together. It is an enormous help to someone like me who is kind of new to this and really just beginning to learn all of these color combos. I have covered much ground out here looking at Copic tutorials over the past couple/few months and this one just shines. Thank you so much for the step-by-step process and taking all of these outstanding photos. A newbie like me truly appreciates it!! =)

LOVE your tutorial! The grass skirt just could not be more perfectly colored!! Great job, W!!


That hair is a doozy but you've done an incredible job! It's one of my biggest hardships...I'll just have to follow your easy steps. Thanks for the tutorial :o)

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