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Rain or Shine Card

Hi everyone! Wanda Here! That means it must be Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week so far. I have a bright and cheery card for you and some tips and techniques. This is a classic example of coloring something shiny and using a light source for your shading. I hope you enjoy this tutorial today! This was such a fun card to color.


Here is a close up of the finished coloring of the umbrellas...You can see that my light source is coming from the right and hitting all the umbrellas on the top right side of each image. This is a great way to make your coloring eye appealing and realistic - by using your light source uniformly. Also, this extreme use of shading makes the items appear shiny and and like they are reflecting the light.
I used three colors for each umbrella, keeping in the same color family. Here you can see that I've left the white space on the yellow one and am getting ready to fill it in with a very light yellow.


I used ALLL those colors!


Here's a peek at the back of my image. You can see how much color there is on the's soaked. That is why the image is so dense and yummy. Keep coloring...don't be afraid to do too much.



If you look at this super close up, you can almost see exactly where I laid down each of my three colors for each umbrella. I started with my middle color, then put on the darkest color and then finished with the lightest color to blend it all together.



Awesome job of coloring and explaining light source, using 3 colors for depth, and showing the readers not to be afraid of color. I love the bright colors in this is definitely yummy! LC

This is absolutely beautiful.Great image and coloring.

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