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Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Experiment with Airbrush

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tips and Tricks lesson!

If you take anything away from this segment today, I want you to remember that you can airbrush any way that you want!

Sure airbrushing is great for masking, making sunsets, adding backgrounds, but there is so much you can do with such a simple method!

So how about experimenting with the airbrush system a bit. You can get very different results depending on a few factors including, how much air you allow to escape from the nozzle, how far the tip of your marker is pushed inside the marker holder, and the distance the nozzle is away from your surface.

Don't be afraid to try new things and see what you can come up with.

For instance, I used two different colors of blue to create the chilly effect on this winter snowman image:
Some of the airbrushing looks smooth, while some of it looks splotchy. That is because I varied my technique when I was airbrushing!

If you are afraid of ruining a project, then test out some different methods on some scrap paper and see what you can come up with! You can do so much with the airbrush system.


The Airbrush is definitely on my Santa list this year ;) Great tip, thanks!!

after all these cool ideas i def want an airbrush.

A neat trick I have used is when I have airbrushed flowers. I had some white Cardstock behind it and moved the flower around. Since I airbrushed with different colors it made a REALLY cool background that I used as the base for the card!

I'd love an airbrush system, and after reading your tips and techniques, I want one even more!!!


Beautiful work and great tute! Thanks!!

Thank, ladies!

I am totally in love with the Airbrush system!! It is an absolutely amazing tool.


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