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Celebrate this 4th of July with the BIGGEST Savings of the Year

We hope everyone is excited for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend! We sure are ready for the BBQ’s, fireworks and fun with friends and family. To kick off the festivities iCopic is offering the biggest savings we’ve ever offered! Take full advantage of our large inventory with most items in stock. Savings like this have never been offered and won’t be offered again soon!

July 4th Blowout Sale - ONLY ON COPIC PRODUCTS
$10 off $100 Coupon Code - july10
$20 off $200 Coupon Code - july20
$40 off $400 Coupon Code - july40

We’d also like to introduce the newest addition to the iCopic catalog, Japanese Washi Tape, available Friday, July 2nd.

When we first got our hands on washi tape, we were certain we’d have to share it with everyone. We wanted to stick washi tape on anything and everything, it became quite an obsession. Available in a selection of beautiful prints and a semi satin finish, washi tape is made of rice paper and extremely eco-friendly. Washi tape is used in crafts as a decorative border, for surface decoration, as a general adhesive and basically anything your creativity tells you it can be used on. Its closest counterpart would be masking tape; however, washi tape can be written on and leaves no residue when removed from a surface.

We’re so excited to be offering washi tape and hope those who get their hands on some will enjoy it as much as we have so far. For our readers who have tried washi tape, leave a comment letting us know what you use your washi tape for and for our readers who are excited to try washi tape, let us know which print is your favorite. On July 16th one lucky winner will receive:

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July Weekend!


Oh, I haven't used washi tape yet. I love the red, white and blue French tape. I have a new set of Paris stamps that I haven't inked up yet so I needs these tapes to make a project with those stamps!!!

Christine N

Looks very cool! I like the green...of course, I'm a sucker for all things green!

what a superb product, even the tape is a stylish paper perfect for us crafter!
love to win this washi tape.
warm wishes, Heaney

I've never even heard of washi tape, but I'd have to say that the Eiffel Tower Red White & Blue would be the one that would interest me most. All of it looks wonderful though. Thanks!

I love washi tape. I picked some up at a local scrapfest in April and have used it on nearly every card and layout since. I LOVE it, its so easy to use and looks like ribbon.

Looks like fun, would love to win.


I am a newbie when it comes to washi tape but I would love to try it to embellish cards. Also, I would wrap a little bit around each of my Copics so that when I go to craft classes and workshops, I could easily identify which markers are mine. I like the fact that it leaves no residue when removed.Thanks for a chance to win. Iris

Beautiful designs!! I have never tried Washi tape but I love trying new things!!!

I had never heard of Washi tape but I like the fact that it leaves no residue and I love trying new things!!!
They are all so Beautiful!! The Eiffel Tower pink, white and blue caught my eye. Thanks for the opertunity to win.

I would use it to embellish my cards and layouts. I love the pink polka tape. They are too lovely.

What a great price for this fun tape. Its so easy to use, once you get a set, you'll be back for more:)

Rock n Roll. I hope I win. I just started my collecting of copic markers. I WILL have them all before long. and this washi paper would go great with my projects.
You will be seeing more of me around here. Wish I would have found this site before buying the 36 set I just bought. Definately would have bought here. As Arnold says, "I will be back"

I haven't used this yet but have so been wanting to try it so I can do a spotlight on my blog. It looks wonderful. I am not choosey, I would take any of them. I think I would like to see if I could use a border punch on them...hummmmm
Thanks for the chance to win.

I must admit I have never hear of Washi tape, sound great though. I would love to give this a try. Thanks for the chance at winning.

Hi~~i have not used washi tape before bbuuttt~if I won some i would definitely use on craft projects and another use is to border a bedroom. I have all paneling in my bedrooms from 1968 and in due time do plan to remove and have plaster walls but in meantime to change decor I would use this tape right over the paneling or painted paneling:))
Good luck to all:D

Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful washi tapes! I have not used them before but would love to try them on all of my paper crafting and altered projects!

It was hard to pick a fave but that pink polka dotted set was just adorable - and I love the blue one you are giving away too!


Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful washi tapes! I have not used them before but would love to try them on all of my paper crafting and altered projects!
i love red and tour eiffel
blog creativo

I dont have washi tapes, but would love to win it. I love blue one. Hugs,moni

Wow aren't these just so Kewl I haven't tried Washi Tape but would love to play with it. It's the New age Ribbon thanks for the chance to win this and I'd have to say I'm torn between the two umm ... the blue one I like but the red white and blue is just as sweet
hugs Nikki C

This Washi Tape sounds so great and oh how I would love to win and try it out. Also I love how it is eco-friendly also......Crossing my fingers I might win and get to try this new product. thanks for the chance. Huggs Anne

everything I have heard about this tape makes it soooooo tempting to buy! thanks for the chance!

OH wow!! This tape looks amazing!!
Thanks for a chance to win!

I'd love to win the washi tape to use on my cards! I love that red, white, and blue Paris themed! I've been seeing these everywhere, but haven't gotten the chance to use it myself. Many Thanks!

I have never heard of this tape, but it looks awesome. I'd love a chance to win some. I like the brown and tan. Shari (cricutrookie)

I haven't tried Washi tapes yet but would love to win so I could try them, I like the basic browns, but would like to win any color.
Thanks for the chance to win.

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