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Most smiles are started by another smile.

In a little less than four weeks, my beautiful niece Lily turns 13 and this Saturday, we’re sitting down to plan a little party for her and her friends. In doing so, I am reminded why I picked up stamping as a hobby and what it means to create one of a kind cards and items with thought and love behind each piece.

With each project I take on, the time I spend laughing, learning and bonding with my nieces, the closer we become. I feel like I am passing on knowledge, exchanging stories and creating new memories.  My projects always individually reflect the uniqueness of the person and event.  I see stamping as a hobby that brings people together. Stamping, from start to finish, often leaves a lasting impression well after the project reaches an end.  I love that my joys are incorporated into a hobby that leaves a ripple effect and at the end of the day, I’m happiest knowing that something I did, passed along a smile.

So tell me, why do you love your hobby?


To me, stamping and scrapbooking is the creative part of me that I believe God has given me to brighten other people's day.

When I make a card and send it to a friend or church member, it not only brings THEM a sense of joy seeing what has been created just for them, but the words inside imply, "I took alot of time to make this just for you and that means you are important to me."

I think relationships are SO important, and if creating a card and sending it to someone tells them they are important to me, then I have accomlished much.

I feel what talent/gift I have was given to me by God. It makes me feel good when I can brighten the days of others by using this talent by giving a card or crafted item and also by helping other learn to love the craft. It also reduces my stress level, which for some reason always seems to be high. LOL....My Granddaughter is 5. She and I have been crafting together since she was 12 months old. (I have pictures to prove it.) She can't wait until she is old enough to use my copics. I love spending this time with her, we share lots of laughter and smiles. From her I have learned to not be afraid to try new things, even if they end up in the trash's only time and paper. LOL

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